Controlling High Blood Pressure Without Medications

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Last Reviewed 02/15/2014

Controlling High Blood Pressure Without Medications

I want to try controlling my high blood pressure without medications because it has been stable at 120/80 for the last nine months. How do I go about tapering the dosage?

Anyone considering tapering off of a prescription high blood pressure medication must do so under the supervision of a doctor. So it is imperative that you work with your doctor to controlhigh blood pressure as you move forward.

You can discuss with your doctor the following strategies I've found helpful in the past.

Strategies to Control High Blood Pressure

  • I get my patients down to a low dose of  high-blood pressure medication.

  • I also ensure my patients work to control high blood pressure with exercise, and by maintaining a healthy  weight, and lifestyle changes that include a  a sensible nutritional supplement regimen.

  • I give them a blood pressure log so they can track their blood pressure daily, along with parameters on when they need to call me.

  • I schedule office visits every two weeks to track their progress in controlling high blood pressure carefully while they taper off blood-pressure medications.

  • I halve the dose of blood-pressure medication for two weeks, then check them their blood pressure in the office.

  • I halve the dose of blood-pressure medication again for the second two weeks if they are successful in controlling their high blood pressure, then I check them again, and so on.

  • Should the blood pressure creep up, we may have to go back to the prescription dose that works and hold it there for a while longer.

Some folks may need low-dose medication even when they do everything right. Most are successful in controlling high blood pressure if they adhere to the long-term plan.

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