How to Prevent Diabetes

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I’m a 65-year-old retired businessman. I’m a bit overweight, but not by a lot. My blood sugar is getting higher, and I am concerned about diabetes. How can I prevent diabetes? 

The best way to prevent diabetes is to lose weight. If you can keep your weight to within 10 pounds of ideal for your height and age, this will help reduce the stress on your pancreas, where insulin is formed. Anyone with an elevated blood sugar level—more than 6.0 as determined by a hemoglobin A1C test—must stop the energy drain on the pancreas. If not, you will eventually develop full-blown diabetes.

The best way to lose those extra pounds and prevent diabetes is to follow a diet that emphasizes salads and steamed vegetables and includes a minimum of fat and protein (the pancreas has to produce a lot of enzymes to break down fat and protein). Starchy carbohydrates—especially high-glycemic ones like cakes, cookies and other foods made of refined flour—should be avoided.

On this type of diet, you can eat about 2–3 ounces of wild salmon or range-fed chicken a day and still prevent diabetes. Your pancreas will thank you for it.

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