Deep Breathing Techniques to Detoxify Your Body

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Deep Breathing Techniques to Detoxify Your Body

To achieve optimal heart health, you need your lungs to expel toxins effectively and efficiently. To detoxify your body, boost lung efficiency and promote a healthy heart, try this deep-breathing technique.

The Squeeze and Breathe Technique

  • Sit in a straight chair, supported by a pillow behind your shoulder blades.

  • Remove your shoes and place your feet firmly on the floor.

  • Remember to sit erect, but not stiff.

  • Gently open your mouth. Don’t grit your teeth; just let your jaw hang softly.

  • Breathe in and out, and focus on inhalation and exhalation.

  • After you have breathed for several respirations, focus on grounding your feet onto the floor.

  • Next, place your thumbs over your kidneys (below your back ribs and above your pelvis) and wrap your fingers around the sides toward your navel.

  • Squeeze your fingers together gently as you breathe slow, deep breaths through your nose.

  • Remember, don’t clench your jaw or tighten your pelvis. And as you breathe, focus on the contact of your feet on the floor.

  • Continue to squeeze gently as you breathe in long, slow, deep breaths into your squeezed fingers, forcing them apart and into your belly with your breath.

  • Use a slow mental count—one, two, three, four—on the inhale and again on the exhale.

Practice this deep-breathing technique for at least 5–10 minutes per day to detoxify your body. This is also an exercise you can do to relieve stress or intense anxiety. Slow, rhythmic breaths in and out, with pauses in between inhaling and exhaling, will not only help calm your nervous system, but also help cleanse the body and ultimately boost heart health.

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