Q&A: How to Lower Triglyceride Levels Through Diet

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Q&A: How to Lower Triglyceride Levels Through Diet

I am desperately struggling to LOWER my triglyceride levels through diet. Right now I only eat fish, vegetables, rice, pasta, and fruits—no butters, oils, or fried foods. But my triglyceride levels remain high. can you tell me how to lower my triglyceride levels?

Triglycerides are a fatty-particle component of the total cholesterol package that tend to be deposited and stored in body fat—think of those love handles. Dietary sources of triglycerides include sugars, carbohydrates and alcohol. Your present low-fat diet is high in carbohydrates and is the source of your rising triglyceride levels.

To lower your triglycerides, you should start with some changes to your current diet.  Here’s the best way to lower your triglyceride levels:

  • Eat fewer high-glycemic carbohydrates, such as rice, pastas, potatoes, corn, carrots and peas.

  • Avoid bread and bread-like products (crackers, bagels, etc.) Eat more tofu, fish and nuts.

  • Use olive oil as a source of healthy fat.

  • Add more protein to your diet, such as eggs and poultry.

Adopting my Pan-Asian Mediterranean (PAM) diet will help you institute all of these nutritional strategies. In addition, see my other tips for how to lower triglyceride levels. And if you’re not sure what constitutes healthy triglyceride and cholesterol levels, find out what I consider to be optimal triglyceride and cholesterol ranges.

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