Are You Taking a Dangerous Nutritional Supplement?

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Last Reviewed 02/18/2014

Are You Taking a Dangerous Nutritional Supplement?

In the past, Consumer Reports has run articles about the most dangerous nutritional supplements. I've got my own list of the “bottom 12” nutritional supplements. But I like to pair those unsuitable supplements with the natural solutions you can use instead. In each case below, the "Avoid" nutritional supplement has undesirable side effects, and the "Take" nutritional supplement will give you the same benefits without the side effects.

Dangerous Nutritional Supplements and Their Substitutes

Avoid: American scullcap Take: St. John's wort or ginkgo
Avoid: Androstenedione Take: Glutamine or tyrosine
Avoid: Bitter orange Take: Digestive enzyme supplements
Avoid: Chapparal Take: Beta glucan
Avoid: Comfrey Take: Digestive enzymes
Avoid: Danshen Take: Niacin
Avoid: Germander Take: Chitosan
Avoid: Gugulipid Take: Niacin
Avoid: Kava Take: Passion flower
Avoid: Lobelia Take: Fish oil, magnesium, and quercetin
Avoid: Pennyroyal oil Take: Digestive enzymes
Avoid: Yohimbe Take: Muira puama or L-arginine


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