Krill Oil or Fish Oil for Heart Health?

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Last Reviewed 03/27/2014

Krill Oil or Fish Oil for Heart Health?

For heart health, which is better: krill oil or fish oil?

Krill oil is a form of heart-healthy omega-3 fat, and it does the same things to promote heart health as fish oil and squid oil. I do like krill oil; however, my only caveat is the "allergy factor."

You see, krill oil, versus fish oil, comes from shellfish, and some of the most violent reactions I saw when in the cardiac catheratization lab were from patients who had shellfish allergies. So that's why, when given the choice between krill oil or fish oil, I haven't put krill oil in my supplement line for heart health.

Instead, I've stayed with squid oil and fish oil, as this takes away the allergy factor.

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