WGP Beta Glucans—Powerful Immune Boosters

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WGP Beta Glucans—Powerful Immune Boosters

I can't think of anything that benefits your entire body more than a strong, resilient immune system. It's critical for good health. That's why I've spent years researching and recommending immune-supporting nutrients. By far the most effective I've found are beta glucans. They do a superior job of bolstering your immunity.

Recently, a new patented process has developed a 75 percent pure, advanced form called WGP beta glucan. The new WGP beta glucans are known as modulators—meaning they give you steady, everyday protection, rather than other supplements such as echinacea, which you only take to try and fight something off. WGP beta glucans actually train your immune system to be strong and more resilient every day.

How Beta Glucans Train Your Immune System

To appreciate the true significance of this breakthrough, I first want you to understand how your immune system works. Specialized white blood cells—called macrophages—are the first line of defense of your immune system. You can think of your macrophages as the "guard dogs" of your immune system, constantly on alert.

If your immune system isn't in top shape—especially when it's being taxed, or when you're under stress—it's like your "guard dog" is asleep on the job. When you're looking to keep your immune system strong, you want to make sure your macrophages are on alert—ready at a moment's notice.

The reason WGP beta glucans work so well is that they actually activate receptor sites on the surfaces of your macrophages. This in turn keeps them alert so they're ready to work. They become like "super Pacmen," gobbling up harmful microbes.

Why Beta Glucans Are So Powerful

What makes WGP beta glucans potent is that they are specialized sugar molecules derived from the cell walls of yeast. Beta glucan from yeast has long branch chains. You can think of it as a tall tree with long branches that reach in all directions, doing a superior job of stimulating the receptor sites of your macrophages. Other forms of beta glucan either have no branches (so they're like a little twig), or if they have branches, they're extremely short—so their reach is limited.

When it comes to beta glucans, purity is critical for peak effectiveness. The WGP beta glucan I recommend goes through a special patented process that removes all other parts of the yeast cell (such as the fats and proteins) and leaves 75 percent pure beta glucan (other beta glucans are only 3 percent to 20 percent pure). The purity of this beta glucan also makes it much easier on your stomach.

I'm certain that this new WGP beta glucan will change how we view immunity and will help so many people. I encourage you to add it to your routine.

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