Natural Prostate Health and Sexual Function

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Last Reviewed 03/22/2014

Natural Prostate Health and Sexual Function

Your natural prostate health and a satisfying sex life are in many ways interconnected and dependent on each other. By taking steps now, you can maintain proper prostate function, and reignite your sexual desire and performance.

Here's why: The prostate, a walnut-sized gland under the bladder, produces a large portion of a man's seminal fluid. It also provides power to expel seminal fluid and works in the bladder to control the flow of urine. You can see why maintaining natural prostate health is so important—not only for normal urinary function, but also for your sex life.

Herbs and Nutrients for Natural Prostate Health

Thankfully, nature provides us with certain herbs and nutrients that are known to maintain natural prostate health. Saw palmetto, widely used in Europe and studies there for decades, inhibits conversion of testosterone to unhealthy dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which causes prostate growth. Pygeum contains natural compounds called sterols; the most effective for natural prostate health is betasitosterol.

These herbs, along with others like pumpkinseed extract, nourish your prostate to promote healthy sexual and urinary function as well as normal prostate size.

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