Nutrients Depleted by High Blood Pressure Level Drugs

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Nutrients Depleted by High Blood Pressure Level Drugs

Are there any nutritional supplements that should be avoided when taking a beta blocker or ace inhibitor as medication for high blood pressure?

Beta blockers lower blood pressure and heart rate, calm the body, relieve angina and help the heart beat regularly. (Find out more about taking beta blockers to lower high blood pressure levels.) ACE inhibitors relax constricted arteries and lower high blood pressure levels. (Learn more about taking ACE inhibitors to lower blood pressure.)

If you take either of these types of medications for high blood pressure, I don’t see any problem with also taking supplements. I would remind you, however, that beta blockers, like statins, deplete the body of CoQ10. Whenever you take a beta blocker, therefore, you should also take supplemental CoQ10 daily. To maintain general heart health, I suggest 50–100 mg of CoQ10 per day. But those with high blood pressure levels or who are taking a statin drug should take 180–360 mg per day. Learn more about CoQ10 and the other three supplements I recommend for everyone with cardiovascular concerns.

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