Pill Swallowing Strategies

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Pill Swallowing Strategies

I often choose my nutritional supplements based on which are easiest to swallow because I have difficulties taking pills. Do you have any advice for swallowing pills?


As you get older, pill swallowing can definitely get tough. But fortunately, there's a simple way to solve the problem. In fact, the following five tips will make swallowing any pill easy:

  • Lubricate your mouth and throat with a few sips of water before taking your vitamins.
  • Tip your head forward with your chin down when swallowing pills. The pill will float to the back of your mouth, as your throat opens—making swallowing a cinch.
  • Use a water bottle. Keep your lips pursed and attached to the bottle using a sucking action to drink. Your throat will automatically open, followed by the natural urge to swallow.
  • Take one pill at a time. It is easier on both your throat and esophagus.
  • Swallow using cold water or juice. Hot beverages can cause some pills to disintegrate or become sticky.

If you're still having trouble, you can blend your vitamins into a smoothie. Just be sure you open any capsules and dump in the contents separately. You can also break open your capsules, or crush tablets, mixing the contents into a cold food such as yogurt or apple sauce. There are also some novel packet preparations on the market which can be mixed with water which dissolves the nutrients.

VIDEO: Dr. Sinatra Explains the Best Way to Take Nutritional Supplements




Dr. Sinatra: What's the best way of taking my supplements? Look, it's really easy; twice a day - after breakfast, after dinner. Take the vitamins; down the hatch with water and you're done; it so simple. Now, why twice a day? Well, look, at the last international conference on CoEnzymeQ10, we learned that twice a day dosing, even with smaller doses was better than a big dose in the morning or a big dose at night. Why? Because you get higher blood levels. We call it "bio-availability." So, twice a day is great. I love it and that's the way I take them.

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