The Earthing Benefits for Heart Health

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Since I started writing about the practice of Earthing (also called grounding) and the benefits of Earthing for heart health, I‘ve received many questions about whether grounding products can be used by those who take medications. In general, the answer is a resounding “yes,” but with an important qualification.

Heart-Health Tips: Earthing Thins the Blood

There have not yet been any studies designed to look at Earthing’s effect on specific medications. But the research done to date does show that Earthing reduces inflammation in the blood. And because inflamed blood is thick—and therefore a strong risk factor for clotting and cardiovascular events—this blood-thinning effect is of great Earthing benefit to people with cardiovascular concerns.

Given Earthing’s ability to notably reduce blood viscosity (that is, make blood thinner), it’s best to proceed with caution if you’re taking any medication related to blood viscosity—but especially Coumadin (warfarin). This potent blood thinner is widely prescribed to patients with cardiovascular conditions that raise their risk for blood clots. If you are taking any medication—but especially warfarin—you should first inform your doctor that you would like to try Earthing. Then, working together, carefully monitor your INR every week until the INR stabilizes. Your doctor can adjust your Coumadin dose accordingly.

The Benefits of Earthing While Sleeping

People on Coumadin (warfarin) should also proceed cautiously in regard to sleeping grounded. I suggest incorporating Earthing slowly, starting with simply walking barefoot in the backyard, the beach or the park. Or, try using an Earthing device inside your home for an hour or two while relaxing or reading a book. Sleeping grounded should be considered only after you‘ve gradually increased your Earthing activities and have closely monitored its effects on your blood thickness.

To find out more about grounding and Earthing products that ground you while you sleep, sit, or work read Earthing (Basic Health, 2010, and available at, the book I co-authored with Clint Ober—who discovered the health benefits of Earthing—and my writing colleague Marty Zucker.

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