Do I Need Angioplasty Surgery?

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Do I Need Angioplasty Surgery?

My cardiologist is talking to me about getting angioplasty surgery. Do I need an angioplasty? How do I know?

As with so many things in cardiology, it really comes down to your quality of life. If you're still experiencing chest pain and discomfort or shortness of breath despite appropriate medical and alternative therapy, for example, then angioplasty surgery may be the answer for you. And depending on the severity of any blockage, you could be looking at either a stent or a bypass.

Angioplasty surgery is not something to be afraid of. In fact, when you frame them as being part of the healing process, then you'll have a much better outcome.

One word of caution is appropriate here. If you receive the type of stent known as drug-eluting then you'll need to be on Plavix or the equivalent for the rest of your life, so take that into account when you're talking with your doctor about options and angioplasty surgery.

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