The Benefits of Curcumin Extract for Diabetes

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The Benefits of Curcumin Extract for Diabetes

Curcumin is the potent compound that gives the curry spice its distinctive yellow color. There are more than 5,000 published studies on curcumin extract demonstrating or suggesting its broad and significant medical effects, including anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor and anti-diabetic properties.

Several animal studies have shown that curcumin may delay the development of diabetes in animals, improve the function of the pancreas’ insulin-producing beta cells and reduce insulin resistance, the precursor to diabetes.

Human Study Cements Curcumin Extract’s Ability to Prevent Diabetes

Researchers in Thailand also have produced dramatic evidence supporting curcumin extract’s ability to prevent diabetes. In the study, more than 200 prediabetic patients were randomly assigned to receive either curcumin extract (750 mg twice a day) or placebo pills for a nine-month period.

At the end of the trial, not one of the curcumin extract takers had developed clear-cut diabetes. However, 16 percent of the placebo group did. The curcumin extract group, moreover, had improved beta cell function, which the researchers attributed to the anti-inflammatory activity of curcumin. Inflammation is one of the main causes of beta cell degradation.

To be sure, a longer study is needed. But the findings are very promising for a low-cost, simple intervention that may stave off or prevent the development of diabetes among the soaring prediabetic population.

This is great news. If you can slow down the progression of diabetes, you lower the risk of all the serious diseases that it triggers, including cardiovascular disease. Diabetes absolutely increases the risk of adverse cardiac outcomes and is even considered to be a health threat equivalent to coronary artery disease.

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