If Big Pharma Could Patent this Blood Pressure Secret, They Would!

by Dr. Stephen Sinatra
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Last Reviewed 02/06/2014

A new study shows swimming is a powerful way to lower blood pressure.If Big Pharma wanted to patent one of the most powerful blood pressure reducers out there, they would find a way to patent exercise. The reason exercise helps blood pressure is that physical activity helps to lower the levels of stress hormones circulating in your blood (stress tends to constrict arteries and drive up blood pressure).

Need extra confirmation of just how powerful exercise is for blood pressure? A new study published in The American Journal of Cardiology shows that swimming is a powerful way to bring high blood pressure down—even for people who didn't exercise before.

Researchers at the University of Texas studied a group of sedentary people over the age of 50 and found that 12 weeks of swimming lowered their blood pressure, and improved arterial function, significantly!

What’s interesting is that the participants’ body fat and mass didn’t change over the course of the 12-week study. But the swimmers’ blood pressure lowered significantly, from 131 to 122 mm Hg. Plus, there was a significant reduction in arterial stiffness amongst the swimming group.

If you don’t like to swim, there are many other exercise options out there. You can try walking, dancing, or riding a stationary bike. The main thing to remember is that no matter what type of exercise you decide to do, stick with it. That’s because it’s not the type of exercises you do—but how often you do them. Consistency is the key to keeping your blood pressure, and entire body, healthy.

Now it’s your turn: What is your favorite type of exercise?

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