How to Protect Children’s Health—and Yours— in a Wireless World


How to Protect Children’s Health—and Yours— in a Wireless World

This week I am pleased to find myself back in my son’s part of the world: British Columbia. I’ll be teaming up with Canadian Health Educator Kerry Crofton, PhD and Scientist Martin Blank, PhD to present—both live and online—about one of the greatest health threats of our time, wireless radiation (Wi-Fi) in our schools.

Wireless Radiation is a Significant Health Risk

The issue of wireless radiation in school first surfaced several years back in Canada when several schools were equipped with Wi-Fi. Parents and educators discovered that many children experienced headaches, dizziness, heart palpitations, fatigue, and nervous system issues while in school—symptoms that “mysteriously disappeared” on weekends and school vacations.

Those concerned citizens banded together to create a coalition called Citizens for Safer Schools. When I attended one of their luncheons, I even learned about a few children who suffered cardiac arrests and sudden deaths during school hours—which was extremely alarming. But at the time, those incidents were “unexplained.” So, you can imagine their relief when a medical doctor was finally listening to them. They even sent me case studies and asked me to get involved with their cause, which I did.

It was in Vancouver that I also met Dr. Croften who authored Radiation Rescue: A Wireless Wake-up Call with Solutions, and Dr. Blank a cell biologist at Columbia University and author of the upcoming book Overexposed. Together, we formed our own coalition, Doctors for Safer Schools, to continue to get the word out about the hazards of wireless technology.

During the presentation we’ll be talking about:

  • How Wi-Fi exposure cause DNA damage—even at so-called safe levels,
  • The dangers of microwave radiation,
  • Why the heart is so vulnerable to Wi-Fi,
  • How doctors can recognize and treat electro-sensitivity,
  • Plus, easy-to-implement ways to reduce your radiation exposure.

You can pre-register to watch our 2-hour conference LIVE on Wednesday, October 23, from 4:30-6:30 pm at You can also sign up there to watch the recorded symposium at a later time. We speakers are donating our time to this important cause, but because Doctors for Safer Schools is a non-profit, we do request a $15 donation to view the presentations.

More People Need to Be Made Aware of the Dangers of Wi-Fi

I’m very excited about this presentation. At last, I can actually show “my fellow Americans” firsthand how other countries are ahead of us in recognizing the health dangers behind our modern devices.

Let’s face it: we all need technology. I, for one, cannot live without it. But we don’t want to sacrifice convenience for safety—especially when it comes to our youth. Whether you are a parent, a doctor, an educator, a public health official, or any user of technology, you need to know the scope of the problem presented by our digital age, and ways to protect yourself and those in your care.

Now it’s your turn: How are you protecting yourself from the dangers of Wi-Fi?

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