How Dangerous is Your Bathroom?

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There is an interesting video that has been abuzz on the Internet this summer. This simply done animated tale is an 8-minute tongue-in-cheek look at our cosmetic industry. And while humor abounds, the take-home message is clear: most of us have no idea what is in the cosmetics we put on our body every day, let alone the safety of the myriad of unknown chemical ingredients that go into them.

Like the book Radiation Safety, this video also seems to have been made by a conscientious woman who started exploring what was in the everyday products she used at home—and learned more than she bargained for. Kudos to women who are proactive in getting answers when they are concerned about the safety of their homes and their children! I am in awe of the time, energy, patience, and determination that it takes to undertake such a project.

Produced by Free Range Studios, “The Ugly Truth of Toxins In, Toxins Out” also has a companion informational Web site. Both are part of the Story of Stuff Project. I love the creative minds at work!

After a presentation on the story behind cosmetics, we are all urged to be wary that our own bathroom may be a minefield of toxins. Some of the compounds in things like our daily shampoos contain chemicals that have never been tested for safety in terms of human consumption. Others may contribute to physical dilemmas ranging from cancer to infertility.

We have long known that fragrances in perfumes, hair sprays, and even some skin creams can trigger asthma and other lung issues for those who are environmentally sensitive. Dr. Sinatra and I have even seen cases where a cardiac arrhythmia was provoked by a toxic agent. 

On a positive note, I like their solution of finding “green chemists” who will safeguard our products. As is pointed out, we cannot trust our manufacturers and the FDA to make the changes in our regulatory system. It’s like leaving the wolf in charge of the hen house.

If you find this video as provocative as I did, then please pass it on. We do need to understand the system in order to step in. And sometimes laughing at a situation can poignantly accent the absurdities in our culture. After all, raising awareness about the scope of any PROBLEM is the first step toward change.

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