Hidden Dangers of Cell Phone Radiation


This holiday gifting season, many of you will be buying cell phones for gift giving. And many of those cell phones will be going to children. But before you wrap up that phone for your teen, take heed. It’s my experience that most people I meet are totally unaware of the dangers of cell phone radiation.

While hanging out in an airport bookstore this week, I noticed that Prevention Magazine (January 2010) devoted an entire 12-page article to the dangers of the electrosmog around us. On the same rack was Consumer Reports (January 2010), with a cover story on the best and worst cell phone DEALS. I knew I just had to work harder to get the word out to you about the absolute dangers of cell phone use!

I’m really concerned about the amount of wireless exposure all of us are getting with the majority of cell phones that are on the market, and most especially our children, who are totally in the dark about the hidden dangers of cell phone radiation. With all of the tempting “family plans,” their cell phone use has just exploded! Just think how many kids you see on a day-to-day basis—at the bus stop, at the mall, in the schoolyard—holding powerful wireless phones right up against their ears! Even younger kids play games on them while sitting in their car seats or in waiting rooms. It makes me crazed! What are we thinking? This holiday, before you buy a cell phone for a loved one, think about what you are really giving them.

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