Heart-Healthy Secrets from My Kitchen

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Heart-Healthy DinnerFolks are always curious about how I pull off good cardiovascular nutrition at home.  Many times, I search for what looks good in the store for inspiration.  Recently, we were shopping at our local organic market for a quiet Saturday night meal at home, and decided to splurge on range-fed New Zealand rack of lamb, which is rich in L-carnitine .

We also picked up high fiber wild rice, heart-healthy fresh garlic, extra virgin olive oil, rosemary, locally-grown green asparagus, and spaghetti squash. 

The prep was simple: trim any visible fat from the meat, and marinate for a few hours in a mixture of olive oil, fresh rosemary and ground pepper (cover so it doesn’t oxidize).  When you’re ready to prepare your meal, cook the wild rice according to the package directions. 

Next up, prepare the veggies.  The asparagus was gently simmered in a small amount of spring water.  We both love our asparagus al dente, garnished with chopped garlic and fresh-squeezed lemon juice. But, since we’d forgotten the lemon at the market, I substituted with the juice of an orange we had on hand, and it was delish!

Meanwhile Jan sliced the spaghetti squash lengthwise, scooped out the seeds, dabbed the centers with some olive oil, and baked in a covered glass baking dish at 350 degrees for about 40 minutes.

The grand finale was to broil the rack of lamb in its own marinade and juices to taste.  Then we enjoyed our feast with a glass of Pinot Noir for some natural resveratrol.  Look at that plate! Quick, healthy, tasty… and EASY!

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