heart health Heart Health Supplements—In addition to a heart-healthy diet and exercise program, one of the most powerful ways to support your heart health is with the right cardiovascular health supplements. The right heart health supplements can target every aspect of your cardiovascular health—supplying your heart with needed cellular energy, supporting proper circulation and normal blood pressure levels, fighting free radical damage, and more. Plus, the right heart health supplements and vitamins can help replenish nutrients like coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) that are depleted by cardiovascular medications.

All of Dr. Sinatra’s cardiovascular health supplements are carefully formulated based on the newest science—with the most effective dosages to support your heart health. For example, his Omega Q Plus® Resveratrol formula combines highly-absorbable Hydro Q-Sorb® CoQ10, trans resveratrol, pure Calamarine® omega-3, L-carnitine fumarate, and B vitamins. Not only does it give you the heart-smart nutrients your body needs for powerful heart health support, it’s clinically studied to increase blood levels of CoQ10. This and all of Dr. Sinatra’s other supplements are available for you to try risk-free so you can find the best combination of heart health supplements and vitamins for your needs.


Heart Health Vitamins & Supplements

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Japanese secret promotes healthy blood circulation and inflammatory response
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ElectrolytePLUS Cardio

Work out with confidence then replenish your body with electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals—with no artificial anything!
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Vitamin K2 supplement supports optimal calcium absorption
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Coconut Oil

Whole food supplement Coconut Oil supports heart and brain health
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