Healthy, Inspiring Books for Children

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Healthy, Inspiring Books for Children

At this time of the year, you can’t walk into a store or turn on the television without seeing electronic gadgets being marketed to children as holiday gifts. This concerns me greatly because electropollution has a negative impact on our health, and children are even more vulnerable than adults.

Instead of reaching for electronics, I encourage parents and grandparents to give board games and other toys that encourage creative play. Plus, this year my wife Jan and I are stocking up on books for our grandchildren from three authors we are personally blessed to know.

Each one of these books has simple, yet powerful messages of hope and purpose. Plus, to me there’s something special about sitting with a child, turning the pages together, and reading an inspiring story that leaves lasting memories. So, I wanted to share these books with you in case you would like to get them for the children in your life.

  • From the Ground Up, by Laura Koniver, MD: I met Dr. Koniver, an internist who works at home while homeschooling her children, while we were both shooting the movie The Grounded in 2013. This beautifully illustrated book teaches kids about how grounding to the Earth and staying closer to nature can make you healthier. Dr. Koniver brings the same perspective that she brought to the movie, that there is science to back up what we know intuitively about the power of grounding.
  • The Unicorn Adventures, by Tommy Rosa and Michelle Christopher: This book is about a little boy named Christopher who gets lost in the woods after wandering off from a family picnic. There he meets a lovely unicorn and other friendly forest animals who teach him valuable lessons about bravery, discovery, giving and receiving, and the importance of being a true friend.
  • The Christmas Dream, by Karen Barron Smith: This beautifully illustrated story set in the 1940’s is about a little girl named Victoria whose daddy now lives in heaven. She and her mom still live on their family farm and have to sell their favorite cow to make ends meet. Meanwhile, Victoria has been working hard and saving up to buy a horse like the one she sees in her dreams at night. She remembers what her father taught her about working hard and being honest and on Christmas Eve a neighbor inspires her to use her savings to rescue a poor horse from his mean ways.

All three of these books are available on Plus, if you’re looking for a family DVD to enjoy together consider The Grounded movie, which just came available on Amazon in November. Dr. Koniver did the artwork for the DVD cover. It’s a small world after all, and it feels even better when we are all connected.

Now it’s your turn: What are your favorite books to read?

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