Healthy Heart Nutrition with the Santa Monica Farmers' Market Cookbook

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I have long considered myself to be the farmers’ market queen. There is nothing more appetizing to me than going to a local farmers’ market and selecting from the bright display of fresh produce—and even some cascading flowers to make your dinner table colorful and engaging.

Well, imagine my delight one evening as I entered a restaurant in nearby Providence, Rhode Island, to see a photo of the book above on a marquee display. I may not have been invited to the goings-on that night, but I quickly jotted down the name of the book with the cover that appealed to my summer-lovin’ soul—The Santa Monica Farmers’ Market Cookbook—and later ordered myself a copy.

Author Amelia Saltsman is a well-known journalist and television personality in the Santa Monica area who has put together a great resource you may want to know about. After over 20 years of shopping at this famous southern California farm stand, talking with its farmers, and cooking up it’s cornucopia of fruits and vegetables, she has compiled what her subtitle promises: seasonal foods, simple recipes, and stories from the market and farm. If the content doesn’t have you jumping in your car to find a local farmer’s market, the photography will.

Though she doesn’t discuss how to avoid genetically modified produce, she does help the novice navigate the market and plan ahead.

Additionally, some of her recipes need be to tweaked a bit for health (i.e. substituting organic low-fat yogurt for the heavy cream in a dessert). But short of a few minor healthy heart nutrition adjustments, the book is a real winner.

Best of all, most of the recipes align nicely with Dr. Sinatra’s PAMM guidelines. (For a quick and engaging video of Dr. Sinatra discussing Top 12 healing foods—most of which you can find in the laid back atmosphere of a local farm market—take a look at his video discussion on the subject.

Also, check back in a week or so to read about Dr. Sinatra’s newest book on how to use healing foods to get your health back, or to keep from losing it in the first place. You won’t want to miss it!

In the meantime, for more information on cardiovascular nutrition or great heart-healthy recipes, visit Dr. Sinatra’s Web site.

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