The Health Benefits of Saunas

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The Healing Power of SaunasGoing to as many health expos as I do, I appreciate walking through the exhibit halls and seeing the latest developments in health-boosting technology, including saunas. That was the case years ago when I got to sit in a small sauna made with special cured wood and an electrical system that was perfect to install right in your own home.


Experience the Healing Benefits of a Sauna

Saunas are an excellent healing tool because they help to flush toxins out of the body though the skin. There are so many health benefits of saunas. Not only can sauna treatments help with integrative cancer treatment and prevention programs, saunas also help to promote weight loss, skin integrity, and a stronger immune system.


So, as you can imagine, I was thrilled to discover I could afford my own personal sauna right at home. I picked out a spot in what was then my unfinished basement, and had one sent to me. As you can see in the attached photo, it’s even big enough for two people. After I got my sauna, I even got so carried away, that I finished off the area to make room for some exercise equipment and a small shower!


Now, I use the sauna at home nearly every day. I experience the health benefits of sauna after exercising, to relax before bed, or if I feel I might be fighting anything flu-like. I head into the sauna with a towel for my face, wearing my old familiar sweats from my football and wrestling days, so my body discharges water even faster.

I like to set the sauna at 92 degrees, sit a bit, and gradually max it out at 114. I select something to read and spend a half hour or more, but it has taken me time to get to that temperature and duration. (In fact, my sauna even has a CD player for my “Zen” music.) Those with high blood pressure and congestive heart failure can experience the health benefits of saunas, but should do at lower temperatures and for very short time periods (5-10 minutes). 

I purchased the far-infrared kind sauna because of the even moist heat distribution. In fact, last year I found a portable fold-up sauna, which I got for my daughter who lives in a condo, and she loves it. So, whether you use a sauna at your local YMCA, health club, or right in your own home, just know that I consider them a Sinatra Smart Tool to help you achieve optimum health.


Now It's Your Turn: Have you ever experienced the health benefits of sauna?

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