Happy Decoration Day!

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Last Reviewed 02/06/2014

Did you know that originally Memorial Day was called Decoration Day? The reason is that years ago back in the 1800’s, Decoration Day was when organized women’s group in our nation’s south decorated the graves of Civil War soldiers. Later, Memorial Day was officially proclaimed by General John Logan of the Grand Army of the Republic on May 5, 1868.

But I’m glad to see that the traditions of “Decoration Day” continue even in these modern-day busy times. Each year, the soldiers’ graves in Arlington Cemetery, as well as other military graves across the country, are decorated with the red, white, and blue colors of Old Glory.

Plus, I don’t know about where you live but here in my neighborhood Memorial Day is one of the few days of the years where nearly every house and business in the neighborhood is flying a flag. It reminds me of my childhood where flags were flown on porches, while others drawn by children were hung on screen doors, and yet others were held aloft by families marching in small-town parades.

While there are so many ways to celebrate Memorial Day—with picnics, family gatherings, block parties, and parades—I encourage all of us to remember in our hearts what it is were are honoring. This is a day steeped in remembrance of all of the brave men and women who have defended our nation and protected our freedoms.

From our house to yours, my wife Jan and I want to wish you a happy “Decoration Day.” As you look around and see all of those flags flying, let’s all remember the people who have helped to defend this glorious country that we’re fortunate to live in.

Now it's your turn: What are you doing to celebrate Memorial Day?

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