Great Natto Recipe

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As I promised in my last blog, here is a great natto recipe from Heart, Health, & Nutrition newsletter subscriber Patricia B., who grew up with a Japanese mom and has eaten natto all her natto recipelife.

Pat came to one of Dr. Sinatra’s subscriber sessions a few years back, where he recommended that his audience use natto to help lower blood pressure levels. She approached us during the break, after Dr. Sinatra had commented that taking a natto supplement was usually preferred because the pungent aroma and strong taste of natto was not always appetizing as a food.

Pat scooted home and returned with a sample of her mom’s recipe to prove him wrong and set him straight…and she did!

The secret to enjoying natto is to prepare it in the traditional Japanese way, so here you go:

  • Defrost one package of natto.
  • Mix together 1 raw organic egg (as fresh as possible), 3 tablespoons low sodium soy sauce, 1 teaspoon sesame oil, 1/2 teaspoon mustard, and 1 finely chopped green onion.
  • Combine natto with sauce mixture and spoon over hot white rice.

You can vary the proportions of the ingredients in the mixture to suit you own taste buds. Although raw egg is traditional, you can omit it if you have any concerns about ingesting raw eggs. The result is a savory, flavorful dish!

Thanks Pat!

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