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My colleagues and I at an energy medicine conference.As you probably know, I do a lot of traveling to teach as well as to learn. One of the topics I’ve been presenting this year to my fellow colleagues in healthcare is “Good Vibes vs. Bad.”

I cover subjects from energy healing modalities to the health dangers of the chaotic frequencies in cell phones and cordless phone bases.

In addition to lecturing, I’ve learned a lot from other experts at these conferences. This has included high chaotic frequencies that disturb the body’s cells and tissues and low frequencies like the TENS unit (which I don't recommend), Ondamed (a pulse electromagnetic frequency tool that heals which I do recommend), and a myriad of other devices that are being developed as our technology advances. 

Today, I’d like to share a photo taken at one of the two conferences I recently attended about energy medicine practices.  As you can see from the energy in our faces, we all get quite exuberant when we get together to share ideas about energy.

That’s Dr. Adam Breiner to my left, a naturopathic physician in Connecticut who uses a wide variety of technological advances to heal his patients. He’s used technology developed from inventors like Nikola Tesla (a “Thomas Edison” of his time) and Roy Rife (an American inventor and proponent of time-lapse cinematography). Adam is doing some incredible work with his holistic approach to lyme disease.

To my immediate right is Clint Ober, who co-authored the book Earthing with me. He’s taught me an incredible amount about the body and our electromagnetic energy fields from his background in cable television as well as how he recovered from his own health crisis.

To my far right is Dr. Mark Breiner, Adam’s dad and an environmentally-conscious dentist who has been using EAV, a computerized system based on German technology that assesses and treats the body by measuring potential at acupressure points on the body.  Mark is also the author of Whole Body Medicine which is about to go into a second printing, in which we both wrote about the heart-mouth connection.

As I continue to seek out and learn more about ways to heal the body with safe, non-invasive approaches, I will be sharing them with you. 

Now it’s your turn: have you had any experience with alternative healing practices?

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