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We’ve all heard the expression, “Give a man a fish, and you have fed him for today; teach a man to gifts that keep givingfish, and you have fed him for a lifetime.” Dr. Sinatra and I have found this to be so true.

In his monthly newsletter Heart, Health & Nutrition, Dr. Sinatra teaches people to “fish” by giving them the tools they need to take control of their own health. Why not try your own form of teaching this holiday?

There are several great organizations that help you help others. They come in a variety of price points, and all do a world of good. See which ones speak to you.

Teach a Person to Grow…

The Dinner Garden is a non-profit organization striving to end hunger in America by planting one community garden for every six Americans. And, as you’ll see, it doesn’t take much to make a difference.

  • Just $2 provides enough seeds to plant full garden.
  • A mere $5 helps a family of seven grow enough fruits and vegetables to last for a full year.
  • Donate $30 and you will be responsible for 100 schoolchildren getting the seeds they need to start gardens of their own at home.

So forgo those espressos this holiday season (they cause your blood pressure levels to go haywire anyway) and help out a family in need.

…Feed for a Lifetime

I don’t know anyone who wasn’t horrified by the BP oil disaster this year. And now you can play a small, but critical role in the clean up. Join the 100–1000 Restore Coastal Alabama Partnership, and you can help Gulf of Mexico fisheries and oystermen reclaim their waters.

  • For $10, you can purchase a bag of oyster shells to help replenish oyster stocks along the Alabama coastline.
  • For $50, you can donate a plot of marsh grass to help promote the regrowth of plant and animal life along the shoreline.
  • For $100, you can help establish 10 square miles of new oyster reefs in Mobile Bay.

Not only does your donation help bring health and vitality back to the Gulf, but to the livelihood of hundreds of Americans living in the region.

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