Natural Building Blocks for Optimum Health

General Health Vitamins & SupplementsI’m often asked, “Dr. Sinatra, what supplements I should be taking for good general health?”

When it comes to building a supplement plan, I recommend that everyone start with a daily multivitamin and an omega-3 product, regardless of their health status. From there, I most often suggest nutrients that support the cardiovascular system, like my Awesome Foursome: CoQ10, ribose, magnesium, and carnitine. (I’m a cardiologist, after all!) To round out your regimen, look for antioxidant products that can help reduce the effects of free radicals, as well as formulas that support the immune system. 

Below you’ll find several products that I created meet each of these needs. Click each one to learn more about its ingredients and benefits.

General Health Vitamins & Supplements

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