FRIDAY FUN: Test Your Walking IQ


bunnyI'm thrilled by how many people are now walking with me in the new Dr. Sinatra Walking Club. For a little bit of Friday fun, I thought we could all test our "walking IQ."

So, how walk-smart are you? For the following questions, please post your answers in the comments section below. Then, come back here tomorrow to not only log in how much you walked this week, but to see how how many answers you got right.

Ready? Good. Let's go:

1. TRUE or FALSE: Walking reduces your stroke risk.

2. TRUE or FALSE: Walking burns some calories, but running burns more.

3. TRUE or FALSE: Walking regularly increases your metabolic rate, allowing you to burn more calories even after you hit the lounge chair following your walk.

4. TRUE or FALSE: It's better to walk for 90 minutes once a week than to walk for 30 minutes three or four times a week.

5. TRUE or FALSE: Walking can help to improve regularity.

6. TRUE or FALSE: Walking can help with osteoporosis by stimulating new bone growth.

7. TRUE or FALSE: Since walking expends energy, it makes you tired.

8. TRUE or FALSE: If the temperature, or the humidity is over 80, you should consider walking on the treadmill, or inside an air conditioned mall, instead of venturing outdoors.

9. TRUE or FALSE: Walking improves your physical health, but to release stress you need to try yoga or meditation. 

10. TRUE or FALSE: Walking prevents, and even reduces, high blood pressure.

Go ahead and post your answers in the comments section. List the number of the question you're answering and "T" for true, or "F" for false. Then, come back tomorrow to see the answers.

Happy walking!

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