Ease Stress with Gifts that Give Back

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Stress can be devastating to your heart. It causes your blood pressure levels to rise and gifts that give backincreases your risk of heart attack and stroke. And, if you are like me, the mad dash around the holidays can be very stressful.

Why not take some time to remember what the holiday season is supposed to be about? In fact, you can ease stress and do good at the same time by giving gifts that give back!

Cure Cancer with Cookies?

I love this idea! Cookies for Kids’ Cancer is a great organization that lets you give your friend or loved one a dozen cookies and help find a cure for pediatric cancer at the same time. Best of all, 100 percent of all proceeds goes to research for childhood cancers. Want to double your money? Buy Liam’s Lemon Cookies in December and Cookies for Kids’ Cancer will ring up twice the proceeds for every purchase.

Want to get even more involved? You can also hold a bake sale for Cookies for Kids’ Cancer. Visit their Web site for all the details.

Give Someone an Olive Tree…in Italy!

Dr. Sinatra loves this idea! Thanks to Nudo, you can buy an olive tree in Italy for a friend or family member. Then, as the olives ripen, the new tree owner will get, shipped directly to them, olive oil from their specific tree.

What we love most about this idea is that you can choose the region where your tree resides and read about the farmers who will be caring for it. Nudo also describes the tasting notes of the olive oil itself.

I think this idea is SO fantastic, Dr. Sinatra and I may just have to get a tree for ourselves. (We’re partial to the Rosalio grove, which produces organic oil, thanks to farmers Jason and Cathy. Trees run $109, plus one-time $39 fee for shipping (of the oil, not the tree!).

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