Drugs Are Not the Only Way to Lower Your Cholesterol

by Dr. Stephen Sinatra
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Last Reviewed 02/06/2014

For years I've been saying that there are natural ways of reducing cholesterol.  You see, as a holistic health practitioner, I know that prescription drugs aren't the only method people should use and a recent research study further proves my case.

This study, conducted by Dr. David J. Becker of the University of Pennsylvania Health System's Chestnut Hill Hospital and colleagues, found that people with high cholesterol who took red yeast rice and fish oil daily and who got help with diet, exercise and relaxation techniques enjoyed the same 40% drop in LDL obtained by people taking 40 milligrams of the popular cholesterol drug, simvastatin, each day.

Please don't use this information to justify getting off of your statin drug.  You should never do that without first talking with your doctor. 

The results of this study are simply shared to help illustrate how a healthy lifestyle, one that includes the right supplements (like fish oil, rutin, and garlic), exercise, and a cholesterol lowering diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables and cold water fish, can have a phenomenal affect on your cholesterol levels and your overall health.

I have lots to tell you about cholesterol and how it’s really not the villain in the heart disease story, so please stay tuned and visit my blog often.  The story may surprise you.

For more information on reducing cholesterol, visit www.drsinatra.com.

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