Dr. Stephen Sinatra on the Becker Show

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Dr. Stephen Sinatra on the Becker Show

On the Road with Dr. Stephen Sinatra 

In December, Dr. Stephen Sinatra visited Dallas, Texas, to tape a couple of programs with endocrinologist Richard Becker, M.D., and his wife Cindy, hosts of Your Health, which broadcasts at 11a.m. EST Monday through Friday on Family Net TV.

Dr. Stephen Sinatra has enjoyed being interviewed by the Beckers several times over the last few years, and has been duly impressed with their personal mission to bring to their viewers health-care information that can change their lives for the better.

We applaud the Beckers for their honestly and their sincere interest in educating their viewers about their heath-care options. They work diligently behind the scenes to make their show the engaging and informative program it is, and they are careful to interview guests of high integrity and positive intention. 

Whenever Dr. Stephen Sinatra has been on their show, the Beckers have both been well prepared—usually by reading one of his books. Yet, their easy interview style makes it all so down-to-earth and helpful for their audience.

From metabolic cardiology topics and cardiovascular issues to self-care tips such as healthy-heart nutrition and natural ways to lower blood pressure, I continue to be totally impressed by how much chemistry the three of them have when they get together!  

For more on Richard and Cindy, visit www.bioinnovations.net. And for an excerpt from the show, which originally aired in February 2010, visit www.heartmdinstitute.com

Now it's your turn: Do you watch the Beckers' show?

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