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On the Road with Dr. Sinatra - November 2009


I am lucky to travel the country with Dr Sinatra, and it always excites me to watch and listen while he lectures, whether he has an audience of MDs, NDs, allied health professionals, or subscribers. But what really warms my heart is sitting “in the bleachers” as my husband speaks to eager students about integrated medicine. They totally “get” that blending the best of both worlds is where it’s at.


Traditional medicine reigns supreme for emergency, surgical, and urgent medical situations: it’s both a science and an art form that takes years to learn and lots of compassion to do well. But when it comes to helping folks with the host of chronic diseases we now recognize, less mainstream professionals—like highly trained naturopaths (NDs), acupuncturists, holistic dentists, and energy workers—are very important players to include.


Dr. Sinatra has a vision. He is investing in our youth: our doctors of the future. It’s his belief that it is critical to send the message about integrated medical approaches to graduate students even before they select their future professions, as well as to medical students before their education becomes totally influenced by “Big Pharma.”


My husband has addressed students at the University of Connecticut Medical School, where he is assistant professor; at Albany Medical School, where he is an alumnus and serves on the Dean’s Council; and at Bastyr University, where his son Drew and our daughter-in-law Briana trained as NDs.


Thanks to Dr. Harry Preuss, this past week Dr Sinatra brought his enthusiasm for integrated medicine to Georgetown University, where he encouraged graduate students to consider doing research into integrative approaches and working from this new and promising paradigm. He motivated those thinking of medical school to be part of “the shift.” It was SO rewarding to feel their passion for learning, and for assuming the role of change agents for the future.


These past years, Dr. Sinatra has also been busy behind the scenes coordinating a summer program for which some MD students from Albany Med and UConn attend a month long course on CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) at Bastyr University, where he is one of the guest speakers. 


Dr Sinatra also figures that if Albany Med students can get an MD/PhD in six years, then why not create a program to earn an ND/MD within the same time frame? Sound far out? I am his biggest skeptic, but believe it or not, his small efforts have been gaining momentum.


Next year, students from Georgetown will be invited to join the summer CAM program. Dr. Sinatra feels so strongly that the “doctor of the future” will be a specialist in integrated approaches that he continues put up scholarship money for students who want to attend the summer CAM programs at Bastyr, and is “lobbying” with these schools to develop an MD/ND program.  


For updates on this mission of his, or to watch some live video of, check out www.heartmdinstitute.com. To catch a younger Dr. Sinatra being interviewed about the future of healthcare visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bygt63qsQvU.  For even more information on Dr. Sinatra, visit www.drsinatra.com.

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