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Dr. Sinatra has been busy the last year collaborating with Jim Healthy on a book designed to help people navigate the tough waters of living with arthritis. While arthritis seems out of the realm of a cardiologist, you may be surprised to learn that, like most cardiovascular problems, inflammation is a major culprit at the root of arthritis. 

Dr. Sinatra Book: Arthritis Interrupted The motivation for Dr. Sinatra to write this book was personal. After playing high school football, as well as “wrestling” his way into a college scholarship , and skiing moguls as an adult, Dr. Sinatra has his own personal collection of injured and arthritic joints. As for Jim Healthy, he too has dealt with joint aches and pains secondary to his life as a semi-pro football player and athlete extraordinaire.

I like to refer to this book as a couple of “good ole boys,” Monday morning quarterbackin’ as they sit rocking in their chairs on the front porch—and sharing with you what they have learned through research and direct experience. Actually, a better picture is these two silver haired, hunky ex-jocks riding exercise bikes in tandem as they banter new ideas and approaches to share based on what has worked for their own bodies.

How Inflammation is the Correlation between Arthritis and Cardiovascular Problems

As I said earlier, arthritis and cardiovascular problems share a common cause: inflammation. Inflammation is a culprit behind the myriad faces of heart disease:

  • high blood pressure levels;

  • cardiac arrhythmias;

  • high LDL cholesterol levels;

  • high triglycerides;

  • elevated L(p)a; and

  • heart attack and stroke….just to name a few.

The medical suffix “--itis” literally means INFLAMMATION. Unchecked, many of these “-itises” can not only wreak havoc in terms of overall health and localized pain, the chromic inflammation over time can lead to infection…and no one wants THAT! It must be intercepted, and these football-playing cronies know all about interceptions!

To reduce the inflammation, and therefore alleviate arthritis and also reduce your risk for a number of cardiovascular problems, your first (and easiest!) step is to eat an anti-inflammatory diet. A pro-inflammatory diet can make you sick, and feed the fires of the health problems mentioned here…and more. Therefore, you must be armed with a solid anti-inflammatory eating plan so you can calm the flames of arthritis, as well as heal so many other diseases.

Arthritis Interrupted, featuring the Arthritis Healing Diet, will give you the diet tips you need to ease arthritis. It will also broaden your understanding about how inflammation can be downright debilitating, and provide you with an action plan to “tackle” your arthritis head on. Hold on to your helmets!

You can order a hard copy of Arthritis Interrupted at myhealingkitchen.com. While there, you can choose to download a copy of the book to your computer, and even get free bonus recipes, other booklets on foods that fuel, foods that heal arthritis, non-drug pain relievers, and more.

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