How Cell Phones Affect Your Breast Health

by Dr. Stephen Sinatra
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Last Reviewed 04/10/2014

Women and men, avoid carrying your cell phone anywhere on your body. Use a purse, backpack, or briefcase instead.As you know, I’m all over the dangers of wireless technology, whether its cell phones, cordless phones, microwave ovens, or any device that emits radio frequency (RF).

This Fall, I was both a presenter and attendee at a summit on wireless technology in Washington, DC where I learned something so critical that I am compelled to share it with you. The information is anecdotal so far, but it comes from reliable sources.  So I pass it along to you to make your own decision while we wait years or decades for research.

It was shocking news to me that many women apparently tuck their cell phones in their bras for convenience while they exercise or go about other aspects of daily life. With the emission of radiation from cell phones this is very worrying and a real issues in women's health. Yikes!

How Cell Phones Affect Your Breast Health

Well, I heard from those in-the-know at the summit that doctors are now finding a rectangular pattern of nodules—many of them malignant—between the breasts of all to many unsuspecting women that have afterward admitted to stashing their cell phones in exactly the same place.

If you, or any woman you know, thinks that this mode of cell phone transportation is just a convenience, PLEASE warn them! Don’t wait for research to get funded—if it isn’t blocked by telecom companies—take action NOW!! 

I also advise the same for men: never ever put your cell phone in your breast pocket, your jacket pocket, or your pants pockets (so close to the prostate). In fact, I am adamant that no one should ever carry a cell phone on the body at all—the RF is just too strong. Instead carry it in a purse, brief case, or backpack. Plus, you never want to hold it near your head like the woman in this photo is doing. It's far better to use a the speaker phone function.

Now it’s your turn: Will these findings change your cell phone habits?

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