DHA Benefits Your Brain, Too

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Last Reviewed 05/21/2015

DHA Benefits Your Brain, Too

You’ve probably heard the expression, “He’s as sharp as a tack even though he’s in his 80s!” This makes it seem as though we just naturally expect our bodies and our minds to fall apart on us as we age. After all, it’s a fact of life. Or is it?

It’s true that the degenerative process speeds up as we age, but age does not have to be your enemy.

While there are many nutrients that support brain health, the benefits of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid)—an essential fatty acid in marine oils—truly stands out.

DHA Benefits Your Brain in Several Ways:

  • Benefits healthy neuronal function, which is your brain’s ability to think and remember.
  • Protects your brain by helping to promote a normal inflammatory response that’s essential for brain health.
  • Helps to “rebuild” brain tissue by supplying your body with the building blocks it needs to create healthy brain tissue.
  • Benefits mental well-being by helping to build the receptors for serotonin, which is the “feel good” chemical in your brain.

What's the Best Source of DHA?

Foods such as flaxseed, nuts and seeds, coldwater fish like salmon, and organic DHA-fortified eggs all supply DHA benefits that support the brain. Avocados also supply some DHA benefits. But because it’s hard to get enough DHA benefits from diet alone, I I also recommend supplementing with a high-quality marine oil.

Many people believe fish oil is the best source of DHA, but I’ve found that a better source of DHA is Calamarine™ —an extract that comes from calamari. Calamarine® contains a higher concentration of DHA than regular fish oil, providing even more support for brain health. That’s what I’ve included in my Omega Q Plus® formula. Of course, you can still get DHA in fish oil supplements. Just make sure you look for one that contains more DHA than EPA—which is what you need for maximum brain support.

Now it’s your turn: How have you stayed mentally sharp as you age?

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