DHA Can Take Years Off Your Brain’s Age

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DHA Can Take Years Off Your Brain’s Age

We've been told for so long that mental decline is normal with aging that we've come to believe it, in fact even expect it. But while the degenerative process speeds up as you age, your mind doesn't have to fail or your memory decline. In fact, your brain can get better as you get older.

One of the keys to a healthy brain is the same vital fat that helps to keep your heart healthy—omega-3s. But while your heart needs two types of omega-3s—eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)—your brain requires pure DHA. DHA supplements are absorbed by the brain tissue, where it is not only anti-inflammatory, but it preserves neuronal function. 

A DHA Supplement Can Take Years Off Your Brain’s Age

Researchers studied 485 adults with age-related cognitive decline. They gave a test group 900 mg of life’sDHA™ daily (versus a placebo) for 24 weeks. They also tested the participants learning and memory at the beginning of the trial, and again at the end. What they found is that the DHA supplement group had a 3.4 year net improvement in learning and memory function.

This news adds to the growing volume of studies on the importance of DHA for brain health. One of the most significant is a nine-year follow up with participants who participated in the famous Framingham Heart Study. What they found is that those participants with the highest intake of fish and DHA supplements exhibited better brain health than those with the lowest levels. 

All of this research is such a significant breakthrough in brain science that it prompted me to start adding the 900 mg dose of life’sDHA to my supplement routine. I’m taking it in addition to the EPA and DHA I’m already getting from Calamarine in my Omega Q Plus formula. 

The best source of “DHA brain food” I’ve found is life’sDHA, derived from microalgae. It’s the same original source fish consume to get their DHA, and it contains no mercury and is free of “fishy burps.” You can look for microalgae DHA supplements in health-food stores. Plus, I’ve included it in my new OmegaDHA Brain Defense formula, along with other powerful nutrients that help to keep your brain sharp as you age.

Now it’s your turn: What are you doing to maintain your mental sharpness as you age?

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