Does Your Liver Need Extra Support?

Your liver can benefit from targeted nutritional support to help neutralize the daily onslaught of toxins you encounter everyday from air, water, food, and other environmental sources.

And extra liver support is critical if you…

  • Take prescription drugs or over the counter medications, especially extra strength or controlled release products
  • Consume alcohol, even occasionally
  • Smoke
  • Eat processed foods
  • Barbeque your food
  • Drink sodas, juices with high fructose corn syrup, or unfiltered municipal water
  • Wear perfume, hairspray, make up or lotions that are not 100% natural
  • Dye, perm or straighten your hair
  • Visit nail salons regularly
  • Clean your house with something other than water and vinegar
  • Use air fresheners in your home or car
  • Use fertilizers and other chemicals on your lawn or in your garden
  • Live in a new or recently renovated home
  • Have new carpet, paint, furniture or drapes in your home
  • Drive a new car
  • Enjoy hobbies that involve chemicals, like furniture refinishing, painting, model building
  • Dry clean your clothes
  • Play golf on professional greens
  • Swim in chlorinated pools