Could Your Home Be A Cause For High Blood Pressure?

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Learn why I think cordless phones, cell phones, and other wireless devices could be causing your high blood pressure.

I spend a lot of my time getting the word out about the dangers of wireless technology. Electropollution is all around us — but few people understand its risks, especially to heart health. 

A few years ago, a case study by Citizens for Safe Technology really drove home that wireless technology is a cause for high blood pressure. In the case study, a German man went to the hospital in a hypertensive crisis. His blood pressure quickly stabilized in the emergency room. Then, after a week in the hospital where his blood pressure normalized, he was allowed to return home—where his blood pressure rose again.

This man's indoor wireless transmitter had been turned off, and the DECT cordless phone disabled. The ambient radiation levels in his home were low. So, the hypertensive patient looked to some other environmental cause for high blood pressure. What the gentleman finally discovered was that a second handset charging station was continuing to transmit. He’d been unknowingly sleeping in an area where the RF exposure was 140 µW/m2—a level well below what I consider “safe exposure.” Once that second charger was disabled, his blood pressure normalized.

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This Study Shows How Electropollution May Cause High Blood Pressure

This documented case adds to the research in the field and also confirms my personal experience with the DECT phone—one of the most commonly used cordless phones. DECT phones heighten the autonomic nervous system, which can affect heart rate variability and cause high blood pressure in sensitive individuals. In fact, a DECT cordless phone caused a medical setback for my son Step when he returned home from his month-long hospitalization. His weakened immune system started backsliding, and it took quite a while for us to question the cordless phone at his bedside. Removing it got him back on his healing track, made us aware of his electro-hypersensitivity, and got him looking at other areas of exposure.

Is Wireless Technology Causing Your High Blood Pressure?

If you have high blood pressure, or any chronic illness for that matter, I suggest that you look at your home and work environments for technology health hazards. Be careful around digital cordless phones and their charging bases, cell phones (especially near your sleep area), Wi-Fi, and proximity to cell towers. Be sure only to turn on Wi-Fi when you are accessing the internet, and limit your exposure to television and video games as well. 

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