Over 11 Million Bottels Sold!
Over 11 Million Bottels Sold!

The Benefits of CoQ10 for Energy, Statins, and More!

As a cardiologist, I often find I’m asked what my number one recommendation for heart health is. And I never hesitate—it’s Coenzyme Q10! All the way back in 1982, during the very early part of my cardiology career, I made a fantastic discovery that changed how I practiced medicine. I quickly became a huge advocate of CoQ10 because I saw the importance of this powerful nutrient for heart health, energy, and vitality. And, I have yet to see another nutrient with the same power to provide all these health benefits!

What Are the Benefits of CoQ10?


No matter where you are with your health, CoQ10 is the “cornerstone” nutrient to provide outstanding benefits for your entire cardiovascular system including your heart, blood vessels, and homocysteine and blood pressure levels.

CoQ10 Replenishment for Energy and Vitality

Since CoQ10 sparks energy production in the mitochondria (your cells’ power plants), decreased levels may leave you feeling tired and “old.” That’s why having the proper levels of CoQ10 is key for cellular energy—especially as you age. As one of the highest energy producers in your body, your heart may need CoQ10 the most—but so does every other cell in your body to keep you feeling vibrant and young!

Great for Statin Users

Even though I have been recommending CoQ10 as an outstanding heart helper for decades, it has just recently hit the mainstream—especially with the increase in the number of Americans taking cholesterol-lowering statins.

But, why is it so important to take CoQ10 with statins? Unfortunately, when you take a statin, your body’s need for CoQ10 is even greater since your levels can become depleted by statins. If you’re seeking serious heart health support, are over 60, or taking any statin medications, CoQ10 can give your heart and muscles that extra support they may need.

Antioxidant Support for Overall Health and Healthy Aging

Not only does CoQ10 power up your cells, it also acts as a powerful antioxidant hunting and destroying free radicals that can affect your heart health, overall well-being, and how well you age. Additionally, powerful antioxidants like CoQ10 can help protect your arteries and cell membranes from oxidative stress and support a normal inflammatory response—which is why I always recommend taking CoQ10 for better health.

What Is the Best Form of CoQ10?

CoQ10 plays an active role in helping fuel every cell in your body, meaning your body needs ample levels for proper functioning. So, when you are trying to decide which CoQ10 supplement to take, you need to be sure you are receiving a form your body can absorb and use for this purpose. That’s why it’s so critical to supplement with a highly absorbable form of CoQ10.

My advice when searching for the best CoQ10 supplement? Do your homework and choose the CoQ10 formula that’s right for you, based on the level of heart health support you need. Your heart will thank you!

Learn more about the benefits of CoQ10 here or start exploring the best CoQ10 supplement for you below.

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