Combat Insulin Resistance

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Last Reviewed 02/06/2014

Insulin resistance, a precursor to type 2 diabetes, can lead to weight gain and high blood pressure levels.

It’s a complex of factors that results from eating too many refined sugars and carbohydrates (white bread, white rice, cook­ies, etc.). These foods cause insulin to be secreted in high amounts; and when too much of this hormone circulates in the blood for too long, specialized receptor cells for insulin eventually shut down and refuse it entry. At this point, your body has trouble processing blood sugar. This is insulin resistance.

Fortunately, by adhering to healthy cardiovascular nutrition and support from the right nutri­tional supplements, the receptor cells will come around and start to open their doors to insulin again. Improvement in insulin receptivity will favorably affect metabolic mediators that in turn will make it easier to control high blood pressure and avoid other cardiovascular problems.

Supplements that can help include:

  • Grapeseed extract (100–200 mg/day)
  • Maitake mushroom extract (15–20 drops of Griffon Maitake D-Frac Liquid, three times/day)
  • Coenzyme Q10 (200–400 mg/day)
  • Chromium polynicotinate (200 mcg/day)
  • Coleus (50–100 mg/day in divided doses)
  • Cinnamon (1/2 teaspoon in oatmeal)

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