Get healthier, more energized legs with compression socks!

Jobst SensiFoot Sock (White - Medium)

Item# YSB11
1 Bottle

Thanks to all their hard work over the years, your legs, and feet may suffer from swelling, fatigue, "cold feet," or unsightly spider veins. A simple way to relieve these complaints is "gradient compression" socks, which apply gentle pressure, in decreasing amounts, from your ankles right up to your knees. This action helps control the size of your surface veins, improve circulation, and keep blood flowing strongly, back up to your heart.

The best compression socks we've found are from Jobst of North Carolina. Intricately knitted with high-bulk acrylic multifiber yarns, they're remarkably soft, comfortable, and durable. Their unique design also wicks away moisture for cool, dry feet, provides an antibacterial/antifungal finish, and features a densely padded foot, heel, and toe for added comfort. They're attractive, easy to care for, and feel so good on your feet and legs that you'll want to wear them all the time.

Each Jobst SensiFoot Socks Kit contains three pairs of socks, two white and one black. Order your kit today and renew the health of your feet and legs.

Choose your perfect fit:

S: 6–8
M: 8½–10
L: 10½–12
XL: 12½–14

S: 7–9
M: 9½–11
L: 10½–12
XL: n/a