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Oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs) may be a mouthful to pronounce, but once in your system, they get right to work doing wonderful things. In my opinion, these bioflavonoids have OPCs are found in fruits and vegetablesearned rights to the elite status of universal antioxidant.

Although not produced in the body, OPCs are found in most fruits and vegetables and are particularly abundant in grape seeds and pine bark. These powerful nutrients are readily absorbed into the bloodstream, which means their benefits are felt almost immediately throughout the body.

OPCs have several properties that help you to avoid cardiovascular problems. They are efficient free radical scavengers, preventing the oxidation of LDL cholesterol. OPCs also show great promise in a variety of other areas, namely:

  • helping to prevent poor blood circulation by reducing plaque buildup on blood vessel walls;
  • preventing blood stickiness and thus excessive blood clotting;
  • improving blood vessel strength and elasticity; and
  • helping to maintain healthy blood pressure.

You can find grapeseed extract and pine bark extract (under the patented brand name Pycnogenol) in your local health food store. I suggest you take 150–300 mg of grapeseed extract or 100 mg of Pycnogenol daily.

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