Cardiovascular Nutrition Tip -- Add Flax to Your Diet

by Dr. Stephen Sinatra
Filed Under: Heart Health, Food and Nutrition
Last Reviewed 04/16/2014

Ground flaxseed has the ability to lower your blood pressure levels and to help you to reach good cholesterol levels. It can also reward you with healthier skin, improved digestion, and a cleaner bowel, which results in less energy drain on the liver – the most important filter of the body.

You see, you can get two key types of essential fatty acids from flaxseed because it contains 19 percent activated omega-6s and 48 percent of an omega-3 precursor, alpha linolenic acid. This makes it a perfect food for people who are looking for natural ways to lower blood pressure and maintain overall good health.

In general, freshly ground flaxseed is better than flax oil because you’re assured the oil in the seed is fresh, plus you’re getting extra fiber and plant lignans. Simply grind two tablespoons of flaxseed and sprinkle on food or blend in a breakfast drink three to four times per week.

Click here for a delicious smoothie recipe using flaxseed and here for the recipe for a heart healthy flaxseed bran muffin to go with it!

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