Cardiovascular Benefits of L-Arginine

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While attending the American College of Cardiology annual meeting several years ago, I was pleased to hear how much attention the benefits of L-arginine were receiving from other cardiologists. I have been using this healthy-heart nutrient to support healthy cholesterol levels and healthy arteries in angioplasty patients for years.

There’s evidence that regular supplementation with L-arginine benefits supports smooth muscle relaxation within the arterial wall. L-arginine is thought to be the primary source for the production of nitrogen molecules involved in maintaining the elasticity of blood vessels. Research has also shown that the health benefits of L-arginine may be helpful for people with high LDL cholesterol levels and for men who suffer from impotence.

Here’s a cardiovascular nutrition tip: Good sources of L-arginine include nuts, especially almonds and peanuts. L-arginine can also be found in meat and, to a lesser degree, in dairy products; but since I’d rather see you limit your intake of these foods, L-arginine capsules can be purchased in health-food stores as an amino acid supplement.

Recommended dose for optimal benefits of L-arginine: 2–3 grams at bedtime to keep cardiovascular problems at bay.

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