Cancer-Fighting Kitchen Book Review

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It’s not usual that I feel compelled to write a book review, let alone one about nutrition. But I have come across one that is such a real winner for helping folks deal with the day-to-day aspects of cancer treatment, that it makes a great resource.

This past fall, Dr. Sinatra and I attended the annual conference of the American College of Nutrition. I was impressed that one entire morning was dedicated to nutritional solutions for cancer. (Dr. Sinatra will be discussing some of the key points that were covered in an upcoming newsletter and eLetter.) 

While I was there that morning, I had the good fortune to have a book gifted to me by author Rebecca Katz entitled The Cancer Fighting Kitchen: Nourishing, Big-Flavor Recipes for Cancer Treatment and Recovery (Random House, 2009). What an intuitive hit on her part! Having just met me, she couldn’t have possibly known about our daughter Donna’s recent battle with breast cancer. As it turns out, Rebecca said she just had a “feeling” I would like it.

I have been so impressed with the book, that I have been buying and gifting it to others…and Donna was first on the list. And while I wish that this book had been out back in 2008 when she first started treatment, the good news is that the book is here now, and it is a must for anyone going through cancer treatment, as well as anyone post-treatment. Actually, it’s a valuable reference for all of us who want to know how to make meals, drinks, and snacks that will bolster the immune system to fight cancer before it can take hold in the body.

Even the cover is enticing! In addition to incredible photography to inspire even the most kitchen avoidant of us, Ms. Katz provides education about treatment side effects—such as diminished appetite, loss of taste, and nausea—and specific foods, herbs, and spices that can help. There are actionable kitchen tips on how to wake up taste buds, encourage appetite, and assuage nausea.

After many years of working directly with cancer patients as a dietician with an advanced degree in her field, she has an enthusiasm, optimism, and downright common sense approach that can bolster for both patients and their support team members. 

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