Bypass Surgery Makes Sense for High-Risk Patients

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Last Reviewed 02/06/2014

If you have high heart risk factors, you may need to opt for intervention.

Bypass surgery is probably the best option for you when many vessels are involved, or if your single or double-vessel disease is not amenable to angioplasty. In a nutshell, the greater the extent of heart disease, the more I lean toward bypass surgery.

But I want to stress that a bypass is rarely a “cure” for heart disease. It actually is an opportunity to alleviate your painful symptoms so you can begin to participate in your own care and take responsibility for healing yourself. You'll immediately want to control high blood pressure, maintain healthy triglycerides and healthy cholesterol, among other things.

The two most important criteria you and your cardiologist should use to decide whether bypass surgery is necessary are: whether it’s a quality-of-life issue and the condition of your coronary vessels.

In my next blog posting, we’ll discuss if angioplasty is right for treating your cardiovascular problems.

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