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Pennywise Secrets for Better Heart HealthWe all aspire to eat and live healthier. However, the prices at the grocery store for high quality organic meat, fish, and produce can be prohibitive. Here are five healthy living budget tips to keep you healthy for just pennies a day—or in many cases, for free.


Five Tips to Save Money for Healthy Living

Healthy Living Budget Tip #1: Diet. It’s quite simple. Cut way, way down on the sugar and sweets. Stay away from trans-fats (fried foods and processed food with hydrogenated oil) and polyunsaturated oils (vegetable oils, with the exception of coconut and olive oil). These are no-no’s. They inflame your body, including your blood and arteries. Stop eating at fast food restaurants or buying high-fat snacks!

Healthy Living Budget Tip #2: Add more turmeric in your cooking. This great curry spice, which you probably already have in your kitchen, contains curcumin, a potent anti-inflammatory. Also use garlic and onions. They can lower blood pressure, thin the blood, and protect your cholesterol from oxidation. A bottle of turmeric can last for months. Garlic and onions can be very affordable.

Healthy Living Budget Tip #3: Drink plenty of clean water and, as an alternative, drink green tea and pomegranate juice, both of which protect against plaque. For variety, ginger tea is a good choice. It acts like a poor man’s aspirin, and helps thin the blood.

Healthy Living Budget Tip #4: Regular physical activity. Start with walking. It’s free. If you want to step it up, try a gym membership. That will cost you, but it’s well worth the expense if you can make it a regular fixture in your life. Exercise serves your whole body well, including your heart, blood pressure, blood sugar, weight, and mood.

Healthy Living Budget Tip #5: No matter how old you are, yoga benefits the heart, blood pressure, anxiety, depression, and many physical ailments. There are many free yoga videos online. Yoga CDs can be re-used over and over again. Some yoga studios offer free classes and request small donations.


Now It's Your Turn: What are your healthy living budget tips?


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