Bring Down High Triglyceride Levels

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Last Reviewed 04/17/2014

With all of the unnecessary attention lavished on HDL and LDL cholesterol levels, the importance of healthy triglycerides has been largely lost. And that’s too bad—because keeping them in a healthy range is essential to heart health.

Triglycerides are the chemical form of most fats in the body. The triglycerides in your blood come from dietary sources, primarily fats and carbohydrates. I consider a healthy triglyceride level to be 50–150 mg/dL. Levels above that have been linked to coronary artery disease and metabolic syndrome.

Given that the typical American diet is laden with processed and fast foods, it’s no surprise that high triglyceride levels are a problem for many people. To bring them down, cut back on the amount of sugar and carbohydrates in your diet, and eat more protein. I would also strongly recommend that you exercise regularly. Lifestyle changes such as these are very effective in keeping triglycerides in the healthy zone. Remember, the lower your weight, the lower your triglycerides, so weight loss and weight management are KEY to success!

Another good option for lowering triglycerides is a high-quality fish oil supplement. Start with 2–3 grams daily in divided doses, and let me know how it works for you.

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