Maintain Healthy Blood Pressure Naturally

Blood Pressure Vitamins & SupplementsBlood pressure is an essential part of cardiovascular health. If you think of your heart and arteries as a system that rhythmically circulates blood throughout your body, then blood pressure is the measurement of how much effort your heart and arteries must put forth to make that happen. 

To keep your blood pressure in the healthy range (less than 120 mmHg / less than 80 mmHg), you must address the factors that affect circulation. These include (1) keeping your heart muscle strong and protected, (2) ensuring that blood vessels are flexible so they can easily contract and dilate, and (3) keeping the inside of your arteries as smooth as possible.

A blood pressure–friendly diet, regular exercise, and stress reduction are three ways you can begin managing your blood pressure immediately. I also recommend my following supplement formulas, all of which include nutrients that promote healthy blood pressure and circulation. Click on each of them to learn more about their unique ingredients and to decide which one is right for you.

Blood Pressure Vitamins & Supplements

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Omega-3 Calamarine

The one-of-a-kind source of EPA and DHA Omega-3 for healthy heart, brain and eyes–no 'fishy' burps and no repeating
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Japanese secret promotes healthy blood circulation and inflammatory response
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