Avoid Trouble Swallowing Pills With These Tricks

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Last Reviewed 03/27/2014

I have some readers and patients who don’t choose their nutritional supplements based on what’s best for their health, but rather on which pills are easiest to swallow. 

Avoid Trouble Swallowing Pills With These Tricks If you have trouble swallowing pills, you know exactly what I mean. As you get older, pill swallowing can get tough, but fortunately there’s a simple way to solve the problem.

Tips For Those Who Have Trouble Swallowing Pills

  1. Lubricate your mouth and throat with a few sips of water before taking your vitamins. 

  2. Tip your head forward with your chin down when swallowing pills. The pill will float to the back of your mouth, as your throat opens—making swallowing a cinch. 

  3. Use a water bottle. Keep your lips pursed and attached to the bottle, using a sucking action to drink. Your throat will automatically open, followed by the natural urge to swallow. 

  4. Take one pill at a time. It is easier on both your throat and esophagus. 

  5. Swallow using cold water or juice. Hot beverages can cause trouble swallowing pills, making them disintegrate or become sticky. 

If you’re still having trouble swallowing pills, you can blend your vitamins into a smoothie. Just be sure you open any capsules and dump in the contents separately. You can also break open your capsules or crush tablets, mixing the contents into a cold food such as yogurt or apple sauce.

Now it’s your turn: How do you swallow pills?

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